Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Vulnerable Transactions place Narcotics, 20 Disco in DKI Jakarta Highlighted BNNP

So Vulnerable Transactions place Narcotics , 20 Disco in DKI Jakarta Highlighted BNNP
Provincial National Narcotics Agency ( BNNP ) Jakarta incentive to raid in order to minimize drug abuse in the Jakarta area . A number of evening entertainment venues in the metropolitan area that could potentially be any narcotics market under the spotlight BNNP Jakarta .

" There are 20 nightclubs in Jakarta is that we observe continues , " said Head of Jakarta BNNP Brig Ali Djohardi as confirmed by AFP on Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) .
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In addition to be a vulnerable spot drug abuse , dozens of nightclubs are also feared to be a soft market the drug dealers .

" It 's nightclubs become the most potential for drug abuse , " said Ali .

BNNP city itself has often perform both open and closed operations in a number of discotheques in Jakarta area . Not only ordinary people , the city is also aiming BNNP operating apparatus army / police were involved in the abuse of drugs , both as users and dealers .

Sunday ( 20/4 ) morning , city officials BNNP combined with POM TNI and Propam Jakarta Police conducted raids in several areas in North Jakarta . At that location , police found 66 people , in which 28 people of them positive for narcotics .


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