Sunday, April 27, 2014

Revealed , Why Rural Healthier City

Rural holiday destinations are often a viable alternative when the bustle of urban create saturated . The air is cool , quiet , and free from pollution is the reason .

The green of the countryside is able to calm the mind and work of penatnya density Capital . The researchers also found that the rural atmosphere is also beneficial to health .
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This time the reason is not clean air , but rather microbes . Scientists found that the microbes that thrive in rural areas can reduce the risk of asthma , allergies , and other chronic inflammatory disorders .

Quoting the Daily Mail , researchers assessed the people who are too old to live in urban areas have less access to green space . As a result , they do not get adequate amounts of microbes .

That's what causes chronic inflammation due to immune system dysfunction .

When the immune system is working properly , the body will trigger dangerous inflammation to fight infection . Normally , the inflammation will disappear with the disappearance of the infection .

But if the body has disruptions in the function of the immune system , inflammation levels to survive will be much lower . As a result , the body will experience a number of health problems .

" Chronic inflammation can cause all kinds of problems from irritable syndrome , bowel , asthma , allergies and even depression , " says Christopher Lowry , a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder Integrative Physiology .

too clean
Hypothesis by scientists mentioned , the increase in chronic inflammation in developed countries connected to the lifestyle that has become too clean .

It is based on the idea that some microbes and infections interact with the immune system to reduce inflammation and eliminate the things that are a danger to health .

Scientists at University College London and the University of Arizona agreed , microbes and some types of infections is important for the body . They keep the immune system from inflammation , as occurs when emerging asthma attacks and allergic reactions .

Unfortunately in developed countries , infection is important that it be eliminated in the name of a lifestyle that is too clean .
However , that does not mean people should start leaving a clean lifestyle . For urban however do not have as much green space countryside .


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