Monday, April 28, 2014

Microsoft Step Seven Once ' annexed ' Nokia

REDMOND - Microsoft Corporation on Friday officially announced that its acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business has been completed . The acquisition has been approved by the shareholders of Nokia and by regulatory agencies of government agencies around the world . Completion of the acquisition is the first step that will bring both organizations into one team .

Furthermore, what are the steps to be taken Microsoft , after the takeover of mobile phone manufacturers who could dominate the world , including :

First , Microsoft welcomes all Nokia personnel experienced in more than 130 locations in 50 countries around the world , including some plants that designs , develops , manufactures , markets and sells a diverse portfolio of innovative devices such as smart phones and service .
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Secondly , as part of the deal , Microsoft receives customer warranty for all Nokia devices that exist today .

Third , Windows Phone is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the smartphone market , and a portfolio of award- winning devices continues to grow . In the fourth quarter of 2013 according to IDC , Windows Phone established itself as one of the three top smartphone operating system and is the fastest growing platform in the operating system leading to an increase of 91 percent per year .

Fourth , in addition, the Nokia mobile phone business , Microsoft will target affordable mobile device market , with potential revenues of $ 50 billion a year , presenting the first mobile experience for billions of people as well as introducing new Microsoft service for customers all over the world .

Fifth , Microsoft will continue to deliver a range of improvements and new opportunities , and work closely with various partners hardware makers , developers , operators , distributors and retailers , providing the platform , tools , applications and services that enable them to produce a remarkable device .

Sixth , In -depth understanding of hardware and software as a whole , Microsoft will strengthen and grow the demand for Windows devices . More information about Microsoft's various devices and services can be obtained here .

Seventh final , former President and CEO of Nokia , Stephen Elop will be responsible to the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft's Satya Nadella . Elop will assume the position of Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Devices Group , overseeing business development tools that includes smartphones and tablets Lumia , Nokia mobile phones , Xbox hardware , Surface , as well as accessories and products Perceptive Pixel ( PPI ) .


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