Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Suryadharma Backward, So Laksono Ad Interim Minister of Religious Affairs

Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono will act as Minister of Religion for a while. Appointment of Supreme as interim minister made ​​after Suryadharma submitted his resignation from office .

" Minister, acting as Minister of Religious Affairs ad interim , and will give a speech on the anniversary of Ascension tonight , " said presidential spokesman , Julian Aldrin Pasha , in the short message received by journalists on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Julian said Suryadharma letter sent to the President through the Secretary of State has received today. In the letter , stating Suryadharma restore confidence in the President over the position Minister of Religion .

Previously , Suryadharma already explained about its performance as a minister to the President in a meeting at Bogor Palace , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) . At the meeting , Suryadharma also explained about accusations addressed to him that were identified as suspects in organizing Hajj corruption case by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) . However , Suryadharma denied involvement in the case . However, Suryadharma still submitted his resignation to the President .

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) suspect Suryadharma abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation during the years 2012-2013 . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Faisal: Only Jusuf Kalla who Reject Policies "Blanket Guarantee"

Economist Faisal Basri said that many parties agree to a blanket guarantee or full collateral against bank failed in 2008 . However , when the 2004-2009 Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) reject the existence of the policy .

It was announced by Faisal as an expert witness that relieve the defendant of former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya in hearing cases of alleged corruption in the Bank Century Corruption Court , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

" Ministers asked for a blanket guarantee , employers and PERBANAS also requested . Rejected the only thing that is JK . Reasons , is not afraid of the 1998 crisis occurs , " said Faisal .
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According to Faisal , the blanket guarantee was put in place policies so that the customers are not concerned with their funds when a bank is closed . Thus , a blanket guarantee could be one way to anticipate the economic crisis . Opinions former Jakarta governor candidate is also contrary to the JK .

" Mr. JK instead of banking experts , economic experts . Mr. JK businessman , politician . How could we trust people who are not credible , " said Faisal .

Meanwhile earlier in the trial , JK pleaded not approve blanket guarantee . JK explained that the government has had a blanket guarantee in 1998 . However , the full assurance that in fact very unprofitable .

Kalla also thinks bailout ( bail out ) Bank Century without legal basis . Therefore , the previous government never approved a blanket guarantee to the banks fail .

" The legal basis for the bailout if the government approved or issued rules that the government guaranteed all bank failure or a blanket guarantee . Rule that does not exist . Thing there is limited assurance that only Rp 2 billion , " said JK .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Also Lenovo Prepare "Wearable Device"

Devices can be used in the human body or popularly called wearable device , believed to be a trend in the computer industry . Anticipating this, the technology company Lenovo also develop wearable device products .

President of Lenovo Mobile Products Division , Lui jun, said that the company was going to make wearable devices under the trademark of Lenovo in late 2014 .

Unfortunately , he did not explain in detail what kind of wearable devices to be created .
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In a wawanca with German technology site MobileGeeks on Jun also briefly touched on smart watches Motorola Mobility , named Moto 360 . If later Lenovo sanctioned U.S. and Chinese regulators to acquire Motorola , the Moto 360 will be included in the portfolio of Lenovo products .

Lenovo's decision to buy Motorola Mobility from Google , will give more strength to the China -based company to compete in the industry of mobile devices and wearable devices in developed countries .

Under an agreement in January 2014 , Lenovo needs to raise 2.91 billion U.S. dollars ( about USD 35 billion ) to acquire Motorola .

Lenovo also get 2,000 patent assets of Motorola and will receive patent license from Google in the future . Clearly , the main thing that Lenovo is targeted " Motorola's trademark . " This brand is still considered to have traction in developed countries , especially in the United States , where the Motorola "born . "


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Extend Contract Aetra, Residents Asked to deposit USD 7.5 Million

The manager of the master meter Aetra in North Jakarta complained policy that requires all customers Aetra group III B ( 2A3 ) or middle- class households that extend the installation of water pay a deposit of Rp 7,500,000 .

Master Meter is a single water connection is developed and maintained by self-help groups ( SHGs ) as a distribution system in an environment that can not be served directly by PT Aetra Air Jakarta . Of the 30 managers Master Meter is in Jakarta , mostly located in North Jakarta .

Satimah ( 42 ) one of the Oyster River Road resident RT 09 RW 02 , Marunda , Cilincing Sub-District , North Jakarta complained about it . According to these policies very incriminating himself .
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" I'm confused also be an invitation to come socialize , no writing in his letter also told to deposit if you want to extend USD 7.5 Million . If baseball deposits , so disconnected , " said Satimah to , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

He said , socialization is held on this day was held behind closed doors . Residents are not gathered together - together .

A similar sentiment was expressed by residents Hasnawati Kalibaru Road , RT 13 RW 13 , Village Kalibaru , Cilincing Sub-District , North Jakarta . He said he could not pay the deposit.

" I feel if I have to pay that much weight . Wrote in baseball a year to Rp 7.5 million , " he complained .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SBY: I Still President

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said , he still served as head of state and head of government until October 20, 2014 .

This was confirmed SBY before all governors , regents and mayors who attended the National Coordination Meeting of Regional Inflation Control Team V 2014 in the Hotel Sahid Jaya , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

" I am still the President of the Republic of Indonesia , God willing, until the 20th of October, " Yudhoyono said on Wednesday .
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It was revealed SBY because he got some last time the question of a number of related party party's stance on the presidential election . According to SBY , there are a number of parties who refer to it as president nonaligned movement .

"There are my comments into a nonaligned country , but ( i ) no abstentions , " said Chairman of the Democrat Party .

Democrats earlier confirmed officially will not provide formal support for partner - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo or Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla .

However , the attitude of the Democratic Party was still tentative . Therefore , when the time comes , Democrats will determine attitudes through organizational mechanisms .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Compared Military, Prabowo Think of World Politics More Exhausting

Presidential candidate Prabowo politics claimed more severe than the military . Prabowo assume more exhausting activity in the political world .

Prabowo told , in recent weeks , he was busy building a coalition to confront presidential elections on July 9 . In the process , Prabowo admitted often do not sleep .

" My ex- soldiers admit this political exhausting . My experience in the army yet nothing compared politics in Indonesia , " said Prabowo in the event declaration in support of the six political parties Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon .
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In that event , attended by leaders of political party supporters , namely Gerindra , PAN , PKS , PPP , Golkar , and the United Nations . Golkar and the new United Nations today expressed support to the partner - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo .

Of the political process , Prabowo admitted that he got a lot of lessons . He claimed to be able to hang out and discuss with the leaders of the best parties . He assumes they have a good faith , high-minded , and statesman .

" The creation of this coalition despite the twists and turns but smoothly , " said the former commander of Kopassus .

Prabowo was a former high-ranking military with the rank of Lieutenant General . Recently , he served as Pangkostrad before being fired . Prabowo was examined Honorary Officers Council ( DKP ) relating to the kidnapping and confinement (1998 ) , and dismissed from the military service (1998 ) .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Selling Kidney Failure's candidates for U.S. $ 420 Million to Pay Debt

Chandra Saputra ( 26 ) , a resident of Pekalongan , Central Java , had 10 days in Jakarta . Men who failed to win seats in the legislature of the Democratic Party , along with dozens of homeless people sleeping in the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa , Menteng , Central Jakarta .

He ran for the District 4 candidates electoral district of Pekalongan , but failed to get a sound that could carry him to Parliament so as to escape from his village in the District of Cepu , Blora regency , Central Java , have pursued debt collection .

His departure to Jakarta plans to sell his kidney and the money would be used to pay off a debt of about Rp 420 million . This amount of money used for campaign expenses Election Candidates 2014 Dapil 4 Pekalongan .
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" I am of May 5, already in Jakarta . Village in District I ​​of Cepu , ride the train down in Jatinegara Station , " he said in an interview with City News , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , in the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa , Menteng , Central Jakarta , where he retreated .

He said he only brought eight set in brown colored suitcases . In addition , small black bag to store a battery charger for charging gadgets Samsung and BlackBerry Torch Mega black . He also carries batik -style blue Democrats and black slacks .

" Initially , I encouraged people to be Pekalongan Parliament legislative candidates Pekalongan . Due to my diligent socialize with people , and one youth event Youth Organization , people want me to run , " said the young man who had three years working as a personal assistant member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party .

Finally , Chandra directly apply to the local Election Commission . It turns out that the Democratic Party in the area only gets one seat and it was the rest of the sound .

" Baseball as expected , Mas , because the party is being digunjang - ganjing bad information . Expectancy there got two seats to the Democrats instead only got one seat . Was any residual noise , " he explained .

While both his parents , his father a retired machinist PT KAI and vegetable seller at the same time self-employed mother , also had to give him the funds of Rp 180 million . The money was used for campaign expenses .

Because losing to the same opponent party , Chandra has started losing my mind . Many people visited his residence to collect a debt .

Chandra was looking for a way to cover his debts . He also did a patchwork system , borrowed from here and there to cover the debt.

" I am currently dealing with loan sharks and debt with relatives and friends . Unpaid totaled USD 420 million . This week was already due, precisely on May 9, 2014 , " he explained .

Chandra admitted his parents knew that he was to Jakarta to find money to cover the debt or seek help . Chandra tells the story of her mother who wants to sell his kidney , but was rebuffed .

" At first mother to give up a kidney sale to cover its debt , but I balked . Finally I willing to sell a kidney to Jakarta , " he said .

He admitted that he would sell his kidney for USD 420 million , equivalent to the total debt . " I'm realistic , kidney price according to Chandra debt nominal value of Rp 420 million , " he said .

Chandra was told, when he arrived in Jakarta , he went directly to the Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque in Menteng . He intends to stay at the same time get closer to the Almighty that easy issue or problem .

He has been around from Depok to Tangerang City to look for a wealthy businessman who wants to buy a kidney . However , his efforts remained in vain because the employer has moved house .

" It's turning the - muter , Depok first to find buyers and offers his kidney to a businessman in Depok , but the businessman has moved house . From morning till evening , go back to the mosque . Afterwards, there nyari Tangerang to someone who used to look for donors kidney . however , the person was already there because of moving too , " he explained .

He admitted , each after dawn prayer, he toured in Jakarta to offer his kidney . However , he did not find a buyer .

" I also had thought would like to sell a kidney to a hospital . However , when my gadget to browse in kidney selling is not allowed , " he said .

He describes his parents are still calling to say hello . Sometimes parents say often terrorized or visited moneylender till 01.30 am .

The plan , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) This Chandra wants to meet with the State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan because , according to him , the figure Dahlan Iskan social good and high -spirited . He hoped to get feedback or solutions and assistance from Dahlan Iskan .

" I 'd love to meet him . He was a good man , and also have high social . Hopefully the problems I was completed thanks to your help , " he explained .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sexual crime syndicate in JIS like Robbers

Sex offenders in schools Jakarta International School ( JIS ) Pondok Indah has become a network or a conspiracy rooted in the school .

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto said six suspects of sex crimes in custody at JIS it did the crime as a group after one of them managed to catch one of the students .

" Coordination to perform actions they did with each phone . Every action they were at least three people , " said Rikwanto , Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) .

Rikwanto explained , when students are resting pee in the toilet , the officers who maintain at least 12 people in the toilet that will catch one of the students with no known other fellow students .

Worse , said Rikwanto , when the victim was in the grip of one or two actors , then they will call the other actors to tell that jointly committing the sex crime victim .

" Sometimes, when one of the actors already hold a kindergarten student , he would call other colleagues and told his friends whether you like it or not dikerjain . Then , they gathered in one of the toilets to perform an action . Suspect women not infrequently always participate , " he said .

sharing tasks

Once assembled , said Rikwanto , the actors enter the boy who had held down the toilet . They also act to share the task . There were guarding the door , keeping friends who take action , there are holding the victim , and there is also monitoring the situation .

He explained that , if successfully perform the act, then the child victim will be targeted again in the future . " Because they are not a problem , then they repeat back , " said Rikwanto .

Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Arist Merdeka Sirait explained , from the testimony of AK ( 6 ) , JIS kindergarten student victims of sexual crimes the school janitor , made ​​helpless victim and could only cry .

Arits explained , the offense was committed in groups . Minimal time required 15 minutes .

" The perpetrator actually happy if he is crying . They are like the robber syndicate , " said Arist .

He added that acts of sodomy of some of the victims , she suspects Afrisca woman suspected of organizing .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Attitude and Create a Good Working Relationship Career Skyrocket

Success and achievement do not work solely to meet the target , but how to develop and maintain good relationships with colleagues and clients also have an effect on the career ladder .

Proficient in socializing is a skill that is effective in delivering your work on the goal . However , not everyone has the ability to target the right socializing . A common constraint is the lack of confidence and insight narrow , thus making the other person uncomfortable when talking with them .
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If you have an extensive network , the number of sales and employment targets no longer be a complicated thing . Instead , because of your expertise in taking care of people around can ease the work , because of the encouragement and help of friends or relations office outside the office .

Trust other people to you , can only be created through the fabric of the superior and free dissemination of falsehood . Here are some simple steps in establishing and maintaining good relations with the relation :

1 . Be Yourself
Do not pretend and lie on your working relationship . Take pride in yourself. Avoid these - the boasting and promising a lot of things that you might not realize. Therefore , working relationships with colleagues , clients , and superiors , will only survive if based on honesty and trust one another .

Therefore , keep your good reputation with not lie or cheat . Trust me , when the "mask " you revealed , only shame and rejection that you receive .

2 . Be friendly and pleasant person
Friendly and fun , it may sound simple to you . In fact , can smile sincerely at heart when being annoyed is not easy , and can not be done by everyone .

Train yourself to be able to sort out the problem for the , do not let the things that are not related to job performance and affect relationships with clients and colleagues.

Remember , the office is a career instead of looking for attention with " drama " excessive personal life .

3 . Appreciating the commitment
This one is quite simple , try yourself to fulfill all your promises and commitments are extended to others in the scope of work . Make sure you apply this attitude in a professional environment , even for the slightest thing , such as sending e - mail , follow-up clients , menyusuntimeline work , to visit sick clients .

Such things are the stages of building a good relationship at work relationships . This way , reflect that you appreciate their time and presence . Again, confidence is the key to building a strong relationship and great .

 4 . Empathy Show
Show care and concern that you are honest in relationships . No need to express it in a way that is massive and spectacular , just something simple yet personal . Some of them are saying " happy birthday " , " congratulations a new life " , and so on .

In addition , one important thing that should not be forgotten is to never forget said thanks to everyone else who helped and ease your work . Therefore , the word " thank you " shows respect and uphold the good of humanity . This is not a difficult thing to do , but often forgotten !

5 . Be sincere
One attitude favored by relatives or clients is sincerity . Think back , when was the last time you asked a co-worker , " What can I help you ? " earnestly aka not lip service .

Modern humans today easily tell which attitude " sycophant " and honest attitude . So , do not embarrass yourself by indulgence in false image that will only trap in the future .