Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Iraq Most Dangerous Country for Journalists

Iraq , Somalia , and the Philippines in the list of countries with the lowest level of law enforcement for the murder of journalists . And , for the first time Syria goes into this .

This conclusion is derived from data collected Committee to Protect Journalists ( CPJ ) are incorporated into the Impunity Index .

The entry of Syria into the index confirms the increase in homicides by targeting certain circles .

The high number of cases of victims of abduction and fighting to make Syria into one of the most dangerous countries for journalists .

This index is compiled to measure how countries cope with cases of violence against journalists . Iraq always tops the list in this index , which is issued every year since 2008 .

In the last ten years about 100 journalists killed in Iraq , none of the perpetrators were brought to justice .
(see also: suara burung kenari )

Had been a reduction in violence against journalists in Iraq in 2012, but the figure rose again last year . According to data CPJ ten journalists died in Iraq last year , nine of them being killed .


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