Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Black Box Not Caught signal, Underwater Drone Unemployed

Commander Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) Australia, Angus Houston, said the joint team of the SAR will not be deploy underwater vehicles unless they have been found yet another ping signal. Houston added, they need to seek the return signal is thought to have come from the plane's black box fateful Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Reporting from the BBC, Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the ship belonging to the Royal Australian Navy, Ocean Shield has been using a signal tracking device called black box towed pinger locator (TPL) to look for transmissions from aircraft flight recorders. At the weekend, the ship managed to hear two signals at different times.

The first signal sounds for more than two hours, while the second signal is heard no more than 13 minutes. After that, they called Ocean Shield has so far not catch the signal again. Search using the TPL signal will be continued during the next few days.

Houston calls underwater vehicles, Bluefin 21 of the United States will not be deployed unless they receive other signals.

"If we acquire other signal transmission, then it is possible to visually search the wreckage more detail," said Houston.

He added, if the underwater vehicles deployed today, the visual search process will take longer. That is, it will actually make the search process and longer inhibited.

Moreover, until now there has been no confirmation that the signal coming from the black box of the aircraft Boeing 777-200 ER's.

The authorities are still not yet know the cause of the aircraft can lose contact with the air control tower. In addition, the causes of aircraft took a different path and could end up in the Indian Ocean, is still a mystery.
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While at the same time, the family of the Chinese passengers held a prayer to mark the one-month loss MH370 aircraft.

"We need to remain steadfast in situations like this one. We need to stay afloat for clues and information of what happened to our relatives," said one of the families of passengers who took part in the prayer in Beijing, Steve Wong.


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