Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Establishments Ahok Want Wear Waste Management Technology

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said it started to open up the possibility to no longer use the incinerator for waste management . " As in other countries no longer use the incinerator , " said Ahok at City Hall , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

According Ahok , recycling waste management could be one system that can be prepared . Ahok said it would open up opportunities if there are companies that are interested . "Who wants to , please offer you for ngolah technology , " he said .
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However Ahok also noted that the tipping fee would be one consideration . " What is the tipping fee that we pay per tonne , " he said . Therefore , he wanted no company that offers waste management tipping fee cheaper than tipping fee Bantar Gebang .

Associated with it , Ahok was looking for the gap . " Can Audited says no need to tender , so anyone can hold our garbage . Though until we run out . Carrying garbage baseball we need to pay or tender , " he said . ( Read also : There is a Mafia in the Department of Health , Private Audit Ahok ) .

During this time , Jakarta manage waste by relying TPS Bantar Gebang . To dispose of waste there , DKI tariff of Rp 123 thousand per ton . This figure is considered expensive by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo . So , the city government plans to change the waste management .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Child Sexual Abuse Including Serious Crime Rate

Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology , Bogor Agricultural University , Arif Satria said melapiaskan sexual behavior sexual desire in children is an act that must be declared as an " atrocity " weight level . This is because it results in permanent damage to personal and mindset of the child as an adult .

Pedophile sexual behavior , further Arif , is a mental illness that is very damaging because the likely culprit perform on the basis of a variety of reasons , could be uncontrollable sex drive but can not channel his sexual desire , boost as aroused at the sight of the same event , or because the perpetrator had been the victims .
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" It could also be because the actor feels such actions are not sinful , cause the perpetrator may or may not get leniency . Due actors are entirely dewasan and not children , so that every man, woman crime should be given the legal consequences as an adult , " said Arif in Bogor , Monday ( 28/4 ) .

Arif further said , lately done in collaboration pedophile behavior and repeatedly on the victim . This gives the conclusion that the lack of oversight of children in school , especially when at 10:00 to 11:00 pm where the child is resting at school .

Performers also felt very safe for allegedly committing immoral because there is no change in the behavior of the victim ( child ) is silent , then the perpetrator was the victim does not object to such actions .

" It is very wrong , because the little boy did not understand the concept of right and wrong , " said Arif .
The existence of a permissive culture in schools , further Arif , making pedophilia perpetrators are free to perform an action . Because based on media reports that one of western culture such as kissing and hugging is common behavior in school .

" The toilet is too far for young children who have to go on foot for a long time is also an opportunity for perpetrators of pedophilia . Should have toilets for the children should be in Jangakauan teacher supervision , mentoring teachers , assistant teachers and tutors in the classroom , " said Arif .

Arif added that the role of all parties to find a solution to these problems is desirable . Besides the parents , the Ministry of Education and Culture , the school and the local government must come together to find a solution that is no longer the same thing happens not only in Jakarta but throughout Indonesia .


Microsoft Step Seven Once ' annexed ' Nokia

REDMOND - Microsoft Corporation on Friday officially announced that its acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business has been completed . The acquisition has been approved by the shareholders of Nokia and by regulatory agencies of government agencies around the world . Completion of the acquisition is the first step that will bring both organizations into one team .

Furthermore, what are the steps to be taken Microsoft , after the takeover of mobile phone manufacturers who could dominate the world , including :

First , Microsoft welcomes all Nokia personnel experienced in more than 130 locations in 50 countries around the world , including some plants that designs , develops , manufactures , markets and sells a diverse portfolio of innovative devices such as smart phones and service .
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Secondly , as part of the deal , Microsoft receives customer warranty for all Nokia devices that exist today .

Third , Windows Phone is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the smartphone market , and a portfolio of award- winning devices continues to grow . In the fourth quarter of 2013 according to IDC , Windows Phone established itself as one of the three top smartphone operating system and is the fastest growing platform in the operating system leading to an increase of 91 percent per year .

Fourth , in addition, the Nokia mobile phone business , Microsoft will target affordable mobile device market , with potential revenues of $ 50 billion a year , presenting the first mobile experience for billions of people as well as introducing new Microsoft service for customers all over the world .

Fifth , Microsoft will continue to deliver a range of improvements and new opportunities , and work closely with various partners hardware makers , developers , operators , distributors and retailers , providing the platform , tools , applications and services that enable them to produce a remarkable device .

Sixth , In -depth understanding of hardware and software as a whole , Microsoft will strengthen and grow the demand for Windows devices . More information about Microsoft's various devices and services can be obtained here .

Seventh final , former President and CEO of Nokia , Stephen Elop will be responsible to the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft's Satya Nadella . Elop will assume the position of Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Devices Group , overseeing business development tools that includes smartphones and tablets Lumia , Nokia mobile phones , Xbox hardware , Surface , as well as accessories and products Perceptive Pixel ( PPI ) .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Revealed , Why Rural Healthier City

Rural holiday destinations are often a viable alternative when the bustle of urban create saturated . The air is cool , quiet , and free from pollution is the reason .

The green of the countryside is able to calm the mind and work of penatnya density Capital . The researchers also found that the rural atmosphere is also beneficial to health .
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This time the reason is not clean air , but rather microbes . Scientists found that the microbes that thrive in rural areas can reduce the risk of asthma , allergies , and other chronic inflammatory disorders .

Quoting the Daily Mail , researchers assessed the people who are too old to live in urban areas have less access to green space . As a result , they do not get adequate amounts of microbes .

That's what causes chronic inflammation due to immune system dysfunction .

When the immune system is working properly , the body will trigger dangerous inflammation to fight infection . Normally , the inflammation will disappear with the disappearance of the infection .

But if the body has disruptions in the function of the immune system , inflammation levels to survive will be much lower . As a result , the body will experience a number of health problems .

" Chronic inflammation can cause all kinds of problems from irritable syndrome , bowel , asthma , allergies and even depression , " says Christopher Lowry , a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder Integrative Physiology .

too clean
Hypothesis by scientists mentioned , the increase in chronic inflammation in developed countries connected to the lifestyle that has become too clean .

It is based on the idea that some microbes and infections interact with the immune system to reduce inflammation and eliminate the things that are a danger to health .

Scientists at University College London and the University of Arizona agreed , microbes and some types of infections is important for the body . They keep the immune system from inflammation , as occurs when emerging asthma attacks and allergic reactions .

Unfortunately in developed countries , infection is important that it be eliminated in the name of a lifestyle that is too clean .
However , that does not mean people should start leaving a clean lifestyle . For urban however do not have as much green space countryside .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aircraft Wheel infiltrated Hole, Teen Safe Flying from California to Hawaii

A 15-year -old teenager , Monday ( 04/20/2014 ) , safe plane journey from California to Hawaii , with a hole to hide in the wheel plane.

As quoted from CNN , on Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) , teens are already in the hole wheels Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 that took him to Hawaii for six hours , before the plane took off.

CNN sources say , the child was allegedly jumped the fence airport in San Jose , California , on Sunday early morning , around 1:00 pm local time. As new aircraft lifted off on Sunday at 07:55 local time.

The office pleaded not sure when exactly will this child to go through the wheel of the aircraft. However , he said, around 1:00 pm , the plane was already at the airport.

This case raises questions about airport security . Hawaii authorities say , she's out of the hole wheel plane about an hour after the Boeing 767 landing at Kahului Airport on the island of Maui .

" (Currently ) he is under the supervision of child welfare services staff , " said Kayla Rosenfeld , a spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Human Services . To the officer , the teenager claiming to be from Santa Clara , California .

If only these kids do not hide in the landing device compartment , almost impossible he was safe in a five-hour flight with temperatures below zero at a height of more than 12 miles of minimal oxygen.
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Since 1947 , at least 105 people are known to work fly by hiding in a hole wheels from 94 airline worldwide authority on American flight , FAA . In total, 25 people have successfully done so, including 9 -year -old boy .


Monday, April 21, 2014

When rain, driver Requested Alert

Motorists should avoid passing vehicles at Jalan S Parman , Grogol , West Jakarta , in front of the mall Citraland during heavy rains . Although there are three water pumps in the region , the pump may be jammed or the officers were not there because they are familiar with the pattern of " standby " .

Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) afternoon , the scene suddenly inundated by flood water waist-deep Kali Grogol adults . Hundreds of vehicles buffeted by strong currents of water that overflowed so the roads were cut off . " The pump terlamblat keep coming because of sudden events . They receive a call alert baseball , " said Head Grogol Petamburan Deni Ramdani , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) .

Puddles occurred on Saturday from 15:00 until 20:00 . Hundreds of drivers who were heading Citraland Mall , Central Park , and Mal Taman Anggrek stuck in traffic . Water also entered into their car . The line extends bus passengers in some bus stops . Therefore , TransJakarta buses , APTB , and BKTP could not move .

Chief of Unit Turjawali West Jakarta Metro Police Assistant Commissioner Admoko Day said , the water overflowed because pump machines in time Grogol not work . " The water from inundating the road embankment . If the pump does not work , yes , like this happens , " he said .

Water pump operators in Jalan Kyai Tapa , Nanda , explains , when inundation occurs , the engine pumps rely on electricity that could not work because of power outages .

" Ideally accompanied pump engine generator set , " said Nanda . He has not seen the benefits exalt dikes and ponds in Kali Grogol .

" In fact the same, tuh . No better than before the elevation of dikes and reservoirs built , " said Nanda .

He went on to explain , there are three water pumps each with a capacity of 2,500 liters per second . The presence of three water pumps have not been able to restore flood water on the way to Kali Grogol .

Head of West Jakarta Water Management Public Works Pamuji contacted many times does not answer his cell . He was the initiator and executor of the dike elevation at 1.5 meters along 400 meters . He also is building a temporary pools as deep as 2-3 meters with a width of 3 meters x 6 meters . Elevation of dikes and ponds was completed in March.
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Maintenance Section Head of West Jakarta Sub-dept Amir Pangaribuan Nanda also refuted suggestions . " Not because of the elevation of the embankment and construction of ponds that are not effective , but because of the strong rainfall and long , " he said .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Vulnerable Transactions place Narcotics, 20 Disco in DKI Jakarta Highlighted BNNP

So Vulnerable Transactions place Narcotics , 20 Disco in DKI Jakarta Highlighted BNNP
Provincial National Narcotics Agency ( BNNP ) Jakarta incentive to raid in order to minimize drug abuse in the Jakarta area . A number of evening entertainment venues in the metropolitan area that could potentially be any narcotics market under the spotlight BNNP Jakarta .

" There are 20 nightclubs in Jakarta is that we observe continues , " said Head of Jakarta BNNP Brig Ali Djohardi as confirmed by AFP on Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) .
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In addition to be a vulnerable spot drug abuse , dozens of nightclubs are also feared to be a soft market the drug dealers .

" It 's nightclubs become the most potential for drug abuse , " said Ali .

BNNP city itself has often perform both open and closed operations in a number of discotheques in Jakarta area . Not only ordinary people , the city is also aiming BNNP operating apparatus army / police were involved in the abuse of drugs , both as users and dealers .

Sunday ( 20/4 ) morning , city officials BNNP combined with POM TNI and Propam Jakarta Police conducted raids in several areas in North Jakarta . At that location , police found 66 people , in which 28 people of them positive for narcotics .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Each Holidays, PKL Monas Breaking Rules

Although there are already laws that prohibit people to sell in Monas area , but it looks like the street vendors ( PKL ) did not heed it .

Holidays are a time that is usually utilized the street vendors to sell , as happened on a holiday this time , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

Sutinah ( 37 ) , street vendors who peddle child's shirt , admitted reckless violate regulations because it takes money . According to him , on every holiday , Monas visitors will membeludak than normal days . Therefore , he decided to sell in the area of ​​the monument .

However, the street vendors are admitted entry to the monument area only during the holiday alone . In a typical day , they sell at IRTI field , which is still an area with a monument .

"If I was selling at the usual place , the lazy people want to go. If here right people easier . Origin through aja , they look good clothes , yes direct purchase . Anyway I am in the holiday doang only fitting , " said current Sutinah found Kompas.com in lapaknya .

Meanwhile , Suryanto ( 41 ) , a trader drinks , said it was a long selling at Monas . According to him , a very burdensome regulations of the street vendors .

" Luckily the rules are still socializing , has not been applied . Anyway we trade here right yes because of hectic here , especially if the holiday as it is now , " he said .

As per Local Regulation No. 8 of 2007 section 25 , Monas area must be sterile from trading activities . For noncompliance , could incur a penalty of Rp 20 million per person .
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The Jakarta provincial government has provided a special place for the street vendors sell , the IRTI field not far from the parking area of ​​the vehicle .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Optimistic Sales Exceed S4 S5

SEOUL - Senior Vice President of Samsung's product strategy team , Yoon Han - kil , optimistic S5 Galaxy smartphone sales will beat its predecessor . Optimism is once again rejected a number of predictions that the new smartphone will be hard fought in the high-end market .

Galaxy S5 goes on sale on Friday, April 11 . " So far , sales of the Galaxy S4 S5 is faster , but we can not release the numbers because this is still an early stage . S5 Galaxy sales will be better than the S4 , " Yoon said , as reported by Reuters on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

For the record , the Galaxy S4 sold more than 10 million units in the first month after its launch last year . Yoon sure S5 will be better than that .
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Initial sales are important to measure the long- term chances of success for a product .

Ginseng based company is judging the success of a product is not only focused on the hardware , but also must have a lot of features and services . Yoon also claims , Samsung is giving a lot of features and services to the Galaxy S5 .

Nevertheless, according to Yoon , Samsung only brings the features and services that consumers really needed . " Time is running , we decided not to give so much and only really serve the needs of the user. So I cut a lot of services and software , " he explained .

As evidence , Yoon said that the Galaxy S4 is sent to the operator only has 40 apps installed , whereas the previous model reached 50 applications .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

May 2014, Adira Finance bond issue Rp 1.5 trillion

PT Adira Multi Finance Tbk ( ADMF ) will issue bonds worth Rp 1.5 trillion in May 2014 . This is part of an ongoing bond issue for a total of Rp 8 trillion . The bonds that have been issued amounting to Rp 4 trillion .

"Later, the funds from the bond issue will be used to shore up the financing business this year , " said Director of Adira Finance , Willy S. Dharma , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .
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In addition to the bond , the auto finance company has obtained a syndicated loan of USD 200 million . This syndicated loan is derived from foreign banks such as Citibank , Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ , and Deutsche Bank .

" All the funding for both the bond and syndicated loan will be used to support the financing of the company, " he explained .

In the first quarter 2014 , Adira noted motorcycle finance portfolio of Rp 4.5 trillion . Rose 21.6 percent over the same period last year of Rp 3.7 trillion .

" To finance a new car in the first quarter of this year rose 11 percent , while used cars rose 15 percent , " he said .

Adira Finance's total outstanding financing reached Rp 48.5 trillion, up 8 percent over the same period the previous year . By 56 percent channeled to finance the remaining motorcycles and four-wheel .

" Target outstanding financing of Rp 38 trillion , identical to last year . Now it is about 22 per cent - 23 per cent of the target is achieved , " he said .

New Booking Adira Finance rose 15 percent to Rp 8 trillion from Rp 6.9 trillion . " This growth is sustained by motorcycle financing . "


Iraq Most Dangerous Country for Journalists

Iraq , Somalia , and the Philippines in the list of countries with the lowest level of law enforcement for the murder of journalists . And , for the first time Syria goes into this .

This conclusion is derived from data collected Committee to Protect Journalists ( CPJ ) are incorporated into the Impunity Index .

The entry of Syria into the index confirms the increase in homicides by targeting certain circles .

The high number of cases of victims of abduction and fighting to make Syria into one of the most dangerous countries for journalists .

This index is compiled to measure how countries cope with cases of violence against journalists . Iraq always tops the list in this index , which is issued every year since 2008 .

In the last ten years about 100 journalists killed in Iraq , none of the perpetrators were brought to justice .
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Had been a reduction in violence against journalists in Iraq in 2012, but the figure rose again last year . According to data CPJ ten journalists died in Iraq last year , nine of them being killed .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mister pyramid AS Tamengos gempuran rudal Soviet

The old building of the pyramid -shaped , turned out to be only available in Egypt . Nekoma province , north Dakota , the borders of the United States ( U.S. ) and Canada also found a giant pyramid .
U.S. 's pyramid function remains miterius . However , a number of reports mention the pyramid into building an anti - missile defense system developed U.S. ballistic . Washington build a missile shield that, when there was a Cold War with the Soviet Union .

Pyramid that is the mainstay of the U.S. time - missile missiles to bring down the Soviet Union which aims to U.S. .

Pyramids in Nekoma touted military facilities are part of a group that formerly Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex. As the name of the building , the pyramid was built on the initiative of the Commandant of the U.S. Air Force that time, General Stanley Mickelsen . The building was commissioned in 1975.

Inside the pyramid , there is a radar that can track the air in all directions obje deemed harmful to U.S. security . Overall, the complex pyramid building is equipped with anti- ballistic missiles launcher LIM 30 - 49 Spartan .
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" On February 10, 1976 , the site was officially deactivated , after less than a year to operate, " wrote the Mail Online in the report that was released on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) . Documentation of the U.S. pyramid photographer immortalized Benjammin Halpern , before finally asked the U.S. Government.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Boost Advertising, Apple Appoints 4 Advertising Agency

In the eyes of Apple , Samsung does have a campaign strategy , advertising and promotion are very vigorous and intensive . Perhaps it is this which then makes Apple a little " hot " and tercambuk , to then attempt to boost advertising by appointing four major advertising agencies in the United States !

Reporting from an advertising portal in the adage , Apple is working to improve the quality of their ads by appointing four major advertising agencies in the United States that AKQA , Huge , Area 17 , and Kettle .
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Apple hopes , four advertising agencies can help Apple to work on flagship Apple commercials with the iconic theme . Phil Schiller ( Apple's Chief Marketing ) provide citations on the media , " Apple plans to add four digital advertising agency to help the cultivation of the Apple ads , including the WPP AKQA and Huge headquartered in West Coast , Area 17 and Kettle which is an independent advertising agency based in New York " .

Phil previously never acknowledge the good concept Samsung Superbowl ad . However, Apple so far has not explained the value of Apple's contract with the advertising agency of four companies , and the concept of what ads will be tilled by them .


Department, It Happened Land Transfer Function at Upper Citarum

Land use in the upstream Citarum , has long been going on . In fact , the land which was originally utilized the local community has now been held by individuals or investors .

'' The land already controlled by an individual or investor . So , the people also did not wake welfare , '' said Vice Governor of West Java , Deddy Mizwar told reporters on Friday ( 11/4 )

Deddy said the law should be enforced in the upper Citarum . Concession ( lease rights ) should not be transferable . So , people should not suddenly sell the land to one of the financiers .

The second problem , he said , is the rise over the function which was also used for the economic development of society . However , the conversion of land for agriculture , the society is merely a small profit workers . " By breaking the law , the ports of the rich . 's Not tolerated anymore , " he said .

Currently Citarum Bestari program by a combination of OPD ( regional organizations ) West Java province , is still in a technical discussion . In addition to environmental issues , the team also discussed the program of cooperative activities , trade , improvement of livestock , livestock communal sanitation and public toilets .

" At the same land changes . Accordance findings villagers and government . Now , still evaluated when stepping wanted all OPD has an integrated program , " said Deddy .

It is said Deddy , policing and control downstream Citarum would be easier than working in the upstream . Because , in the first seven miles , no polluting industrial waste .
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The plan this April , the Governor of West Java Citarum Bestari launching soon , but Deddy said the immediate need accurate data for running . " Anyway we are now so that the spirit of the meeting was not down . Targets should be the way , there is no step back in Citarum , " he said .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Black Box Not Caught signal, Underwater Drone Unemployed

Commander Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) Australia, Angus Houston, said the joint team of the SAR will not be deploy underwater vehicles unless they have been found yet another ping signal. Houston added, they need to seek the return signal is thought to have come from the plane's black box fateful Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Reporting from the BBC, Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the ship belonging to the Royal Australian Navy, Ocean Shield has been using a signal tracking device called black box towed pinger locator (TPL) to look for transmissions from aircraft flight recorders. At the weekend, the ship managed to hear two signals at different times.

The first signal sounds for more than two hours, while the second signal is heard no more than 13 minutes. After that, they called Ocean Shield has so far not catch the signal again. Search using the TPL signal will be continued during the next few days.

Houston calls underwater vehicles, Bluefin 21 of the United States will not be deployed unless they receive other signals.

"If we acquire other signal transmission, then it is possible to visually search the wreckage more detail," said Houston.

He added, if the underwater vehicles deployed today, the visual search process will take longer. That is, it will actually make the search process and longer inhibited.

Moreover, until now there has been no confirmation that the signal coming from the black box of the aircraft Boeing 777-200 ER's.

The authorities are still not yet know the cause of the aircraft can lose contact with the air control tower. In addition, the causes of aircraft took a different path and could end up in the Indian Ocean, is still a mystery.
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While at the same time, the family of the Chinese passengers held a prayer to mark the one-month loss MH370 aircraft.

"We need to remain steadfast in situations like this one. We need to stay afloat for clues and information of what happened to our relatives," said one of the families of passengers who took part in the prayer in Beijing, Steve Wong.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Compete YouTube, Yahoo Prepare Online Video Services

Yahoo reportedly preparing an online video service that was allegedly aiming to topple the video sharing site YouTube . To build such a video service , Yahoo said it would plow experts and artists who were shining on the Google-owned sites .
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Citing news pages from Australia , News, Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) , in addition to the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also devising Yahoo homepage gallery video services such as let users easily access it .

Mayer called will utilize existing deficiencies on YouTube , where the maker or owner of the video has not been optimal in earning money on YouTube . According to rumors , Mayer promises that the application will be released in the next few months more opportunities to earn income .

However, it is not as easy as one might imagine , given the many complaints lately come from several major partners such as Alchemy Network on YouTube has increased over the last few months .

If Yahoo continue this service , one of the companies that will be happy is Disney . Because the entertainment company that recently bought filmmaker Maker Studios valued at U.S. $ 500 million with the aim to get a lot of advantages of online videos in the future .
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Maker Studios is a leading manufacturer and distributor of videos and entertaining short duration that aired on YouTube . The company has a very extensive online channels with an audience of 5.5 billion per month on YouTube .

Previously Yahoo has signed content deals with several important partners such as Saturday Night Live and launch a new streaming video app called Yahoo Screen .