Friday, April 18, 2014

Each Holidays, PKL Monas Breaking Rules

Although there are already laws that prohibit people to sell in Monas area , but it looks like the street vendors ( PKL ) did not heed it .

Holidays are a time that is usually utilized the street vendors to sell , as happened on a holiday this time , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

Sutinah ( 37 ) , street vendors who peddle child's shirt , admitted reckless violate regulations because it takes money . According to him , on every holiday , Monas visitors will membeludak than normal days . Therefore , he decided to sell in the area of ​​the monument .

However, the street vendors are admitted entry to the monument area only during the holiday alone . In a typical day , they sell at IRTI field , which is still an area with a monument .

"If I was selling at the usual place , the lazy people want to go. If here right people easier . Origin through aja , they look good clothes , yes direct purchase . Anyway I am in the holiday doang only fitting , " said current Sutinah found in lapaknya .

Meanwhile , Suryanto ( 41 ) , a trader drinks , said it was a long selling at Monas . According to him , a very burdensome regulations of the street vendors .

" Luckily the rules are still socializing , has not been applied . Anyway we trade here right yes because of hectic here , especially if the holiday as it is now , " he said .

As per Local Regulation No. 8 of 2007 section 25 , Monas area must be sterile from trading activities . For noncompliance , could incur a penalty of Rp 20 million per person .
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The Jakarta provincial government has provided a special place for the street vendors sell , the IRTI field not far from the parking area of ​​the vehicle .


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