Friday, April 11, 2014

Department, It Happened Land Transfer Function at Upper Citarum

Land use in the upstream Citarum , has long been going on . In fact , the land which was originally utilized the local community has now been held by individuals or investors .

'' The land already controlled by an individual or investor . So , the people also did not wake welfare , '' said Vice Governor of West Java , Deddy Mizwar told reporters on Friday ( 11/4 )

Deddy said the law should be enforced in the upper Citarum . Concession ( lease rights ) should not be transferable . So , people should not suddenly sell the land to one of the financiers .

The second problem , he said , is the rise over the function which was also used for the economic development of society . However , the conversion of land for agriculture , the society is merely a small profit workers . " By breaking the law , the ports of the rich . 's Not tolerated anymore , " he said .

Currently Citarum Bestari program by a combination of OPD ( regional organizations ) West Java province , is still in a technical discussion . In addition to environmental issues , the team also discussed the program of cooperative activities , trade , improvement of livestock , livestock communal sanitation and public toilets .

" At the same land changes . Accordance findings villagers and government . Now , still evaluated when stepping wanted all OPD has an integrated program , " said Deddy .

It is said Deddy , policing and control downstream Citarum would be easier than working in the upstream . Because , in the first seven miles , no polluting industrial waste .
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The plan this April , the Governor of West Java Citarum Bestari launching soon , but Deddy said the immediate need accurate data for running . " Anyway we are now so that the spirit of the meeting was not down . Targets should be the way , there is no step back in Citarum , " he said .


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