Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aircraft Wheel infiltrated Hole, Teen Safe Flying from California to Hawaii

A 15-year -old teenager , Monday ( 04/20/2014 ) , safe plane journey from California to Hawaii , with a hole to hide in the wheel plane.

As quoted from CNN , on Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) , teens are already in the hole wheels Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 that took him to Hawaii for six hours , before the plane took off.

CNN sources say , the child was allegedly jumped the fence airport in San Jose , California , on Sunday early morning , around 1:00 pm local time. As new aircraft lifted off on Sunday at 07:55 local time.

The office pleaded not sure when exactly will this child to go through the wheel of the aircraft. However , he said, around 1:00 pm , the plane was already at the airport.

This case raises questions about airport security . Hawaii authorities say , she's out of the hole wheel plane about an hour after the Boeing 767 landing at Kahului Airport on the island of Maui .

" (Currently ) he is under the supervision of child welfare services staff , " said Kayla Rosenfeld , a spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Human Services . To the officer , the teenager claiming to be from Santa Clara , California .

If only these kids do not hide in the landing device compartment , almost impossible he was safe in a five-hour flight with temperatures below zero at a height of more than 12 miles of minimal oxygen.
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Since 1947 , at least 105 people are known to work fly by hiding in a hole wheels from 94 airline worldwide authority on American flight , FAA . In total, 25 people have successfully done so, including 9 -year -old boy .


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