Monday, April 28, 2014

Child Sexual Abuse Including Serious Crime Rate

Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology , Bogor Agricultural University , Arif Satria said melapiaskan sexual behavior sexual desire in children is an act that must be declared as an " atrocity " weight level . This is because it results in permanent damage to personal and mindset of the child as an adult .

Pedophile sexual behavior , further Arif , is a mental illness that is very damaging because the likely culprit perform on the basis of a variety of reasons , could be uncontrollable sex drive but can not channel his sexual desire , boost as aroused at the sight of the same event , or because the perpetrator had been the victims .
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" It could also be because the actor feels such actions are not sinful , cause the perpetrator may or may not get leniency . Due actors are entirely dewasan and not children , so that every man, woman crime should be given the legal consequences as an adult , " said Arif in Bogor , Monday ( 28/4 ) .

Arif further said , lately done in collaboration pedophile behavior and repeatedly on the victim . This gives the conclusion that the lack of oversight of children in school , especially when at 10:00 to 11:00 pm where the child is resting at school .

Performers also felt very safe for allegedly committing immoral because there is no change in the behavior of the victim ( child ) is silent , then the perpetrator was the victim does not object to such actions .

" It is very wrong , because the little boy did not understand the concept of right and wrong , " said Arif .
The existence of a permissive culture in schools , further Arif , making pedophilia perpetrators are free to perform an action . Because based on media reports that one of western culture such as kissing and hugging is common behavior in school .

" The toilet is too far for young children who have to go on foot for a long time is also an opportunity for perpetrators of pedophilia . Should have toilets for the children should be in Jangakauan teacher supervision , mentoring teachers , assistant teachers and tutors in the classroom , " said Arif .

Arif added that the role of all parties to find a solution to these problems is desirable . Besides the parents , the Ministry of Education and Culture , the school and the local government must come together to find a solution that is no longer the same thing happens not only in Jakarta but throughout Indonesia .


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