Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Compete YouTube, Yahoo Prepare Online Video Services

Yahoo reportedly preparing an online video service that was allegedly aiming to topple the video sharing site YouTube . To build such a video service , Yahoo said it would plow experts and artists who were shining on the Google-owned sites .
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Citing news pages from Australia , News, Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) , in addition to the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also devising Yahoo homepage gallery video services such as let users easily access it .

Mayer called will utilize existing deficiencies on YouTube , where the maker or owner of the video has not been optimal in earning money on YouTube . According to rumors , Mayer promises that the application will be released in the next few months more opportunities to earn income .

However, it is not as easy as one might imagine , given the many complaints lately come from several major partners such as Alchemy Network on YouTube has increased over the last few months .

If Yahoo continue this service , one of the companies that will be happy is Disney . Because the entertainment company that recently bought filmmaker Maker Studios valued at U.S. $ 500 million with the aim to get a lot of advantages of online videos in the future .
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Maker Studios is a leading manufacturer and distributor of videos and entertaining short duration that aired on YouTube . The company has a very extensive online channels with an audience of 5.5 billion per month on YouTube .

Previously Yahoo has signed content deals with several important partners such as Saturday Night Live and launch a new streaming video app called Yahoo Screen .


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