Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sexual crime syndicate in JIS like Robbers

Sex offenders in schools Jakarta International School ( JIS ) Pondok Indah has become a network or a conspiracy rooted in the school .

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto said six suspects of sex crimes in custody at JIS it did the crime as a group after one of them managed to catch one of the students .

" Coordination to perform actions they did with each phone . Every action they were at least three people , " said Rikwanto , Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) .

Rikwanto explained , when students are resting pee in the toilet , the officers who maintain at least 12 people in the toilet that will catch one of the students with no known other fellow students .

Worse , said Rikwanto , when the victim was in the grip of one or two actors , then they will call the other actors to tell that jointly committing the sex crime victim .

" Sometimes, when one of the actors already hold a kindergarten student , he would call other colleagues and told his friends whether you like it or not dikerjain . Then , they gathered in one of the toilets to perform an action . Suspect women not infrequently always participate , " he said .

sharing tasks

Once assembled , said Rikwanto , the actors enter the boy who had held down the toilet . They also act to share the task . There were guarding the door , keeping friends who take action , there are holding the victim , and there is also monitoring the situation .

He explained that , if successfully perform the act, then the child victim will be targeted again in the future . " Because they are not a problem , then they repeat back , " said Rikwanto .

Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Arist Merdeka Sirait explained , from the testimony of AK ( 6 ) , JIS kindergarten student victims of sexual crimes the school janitor , made ​​helpless victim and could only cry .

Arits explained , the offense was committed in groups . Minimal time required 15 minutes .

" The perpetrator actually happy if he is crying . They are like the robber syndicate , " said Arist .

He added that acts of sodomy of some of the victims , she suspects Afrisca woman suspected of organizing .

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