Thursday, May 1, 2014

Attitude and Create a Good Working Relationship Career Skyrocket

Success and achievement do not work solely to meet the target , but how to develop and maintain good relationships with colleagues and clients also have an effect on the career ladder .

Proficient in socializing is a skill that is effective in delivering your work on the goal . However , not everyone has the ability to target the right socializing . A common constraint is the lack of confidence and insight narrow , thus making the other person uncomfortable when talking with them .
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If you have an extensive network , the number of sales and employment targets no longer be a complicated thing . Instead , because of your expertise in taking care of people around can ease the work , because of the encouragement and help of friends or relations office outside the office .

Trust other people to you , can only be created through the fabric of the superior and free dissemination of falsehood . Here are some simple steps in establishing and maintaining good relations with the relation :

1 . Be Yourself
Do not pretend and lie on your working relationship . Take pride in yourself. Avoid these - the boasting and promising a lot of things that you might not realize. Therefore , working relationships with colleagues , clients , and superiors , will only survive if based on honesty and trust one another .

Therefore , keep your good reputation with not lie or cheat . Trust me , when the "mask " you revealed , only shame and rejection that you receive .

2 . Be friendly and pleasant person
Friendly and fun , it may sound simple to you . In fact , can smile sincerely at heart when being annoyed is not easy , and can not be done by everyone .

Train yourself to be able to sort out the problem for the , do not let the things that are not related to job performance and affect relationships with clients and colleagues.

Remember , the office is a career instead of looking for attention with " drama " excessive personal life .

3 . Appreciating the commitment
This one is quite simple , try yourself to fulfill all your promises and commitments are extended to others in the scope of work . Make sure you apply this attitude in a professional environment , even for the slightest thing , such as sending e - mail , follow-up clients , menyusuntimeline work , to visit sick clients .

Such things are the stages of building a good relationship at work relationships . This way , reflect that you appreciate their time and presence . Again, confidence is the key to building a strong relationship and great .

 4 . Empathy Show
Show care and concern that you are honest in relationships . No need to express it in a way that is massive and spectacular , just something simple yet personal . Some of them are saying " happy birthday " , " congratulations a new life " , and so on .

In addition , one important thing that should not be forgotten is to never forget said thanks to everyone else who helped and ease your work . Therefore , the word " thank you " shows respect and uphold the good of humanity . This is not a difficult thing to do , but often forgotten !

5 . Be sincere
One attitude favored by relatives or clients is sincerity . Think back , when was the last time you asked a co-worker , " What can I help you ? " earnestly aka not lip service .

Modern humans today easily tell which attitude " sycophant " and honest attitude . So , do not embarrass yourself by indulgence in false image that will only trap in the future .


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