Monday, May 26, 2014

Faisal: Only Jusuf Kalla who Reject Policies "Blanket Guarantee"

Economist Faisal Basri said that many parties agree to a blanket guarantee or full collateral against bank failed in 2008 . However , when the 2004-2009 Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) reject the existence of the policy .

It was announced by Faisal as an expert witness that relieve the defendant of former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya in hearing cases of alleged corruption in the Bank Century Corruption Court , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

" Ministers asked for a blanket guarantee , employers and PERBANAS also requested . Rejected the only thing that is JK . Reasons , is not afraid of the 1998 crisis occurs , " said Faisal .
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According to Faisal , the blanket guarantee was put in place policies so that the customers are not concerned with their funds when a bank is closed . Thus , a blanket guarantee could be one way to anticipate the economic crisis . Opinions former Jakarta governor candidate is also contrary to the JK .

" Mr. JK instead of banking experts , economic experts . Mr. JK businessman , politician . How could we trust people who are not credible , " said Faisal .

Meanwhile earlier in the trial , JK pleaded not approve blanket guarantee . JK explained that the government has had a blanket guarantee in 1998 . However , the full assurance that in fact very unprofitable .

Kalla also thinks bailout ( bail out ) Bank Century without legal basis . Therefore , the previous government never approved a blanket guarantee to the banks fail .

" The legal basis for the bailout if the government approved or issued rules that the government guaranteed all bank failure or a blanket guarantee . Rule that does not exist . Thing there is limited assurance that only Rp 2 billion , " said JK .


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