Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Selling Kidney Failure's candidates for U.S. $ 420 Million to Pay Debt

Chandra Saputra ( 26 ) , a resident of Pekalongan , Central Java , had 10 days in Jakarta . Men who failed to win seats in the legislature of the Democratic Party , along with dozens of homeless people sleeping in the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa , Menteng , Central Jakarta .

He ran for the District 4 candidates electoral district of Pekalongan , but failed to get a sound that could carry him to Parliament so as to escape from his village in the District of Cepu , Blora regency , Central Java , have pursued debt collection .

His departure to Jakarta plans to sell his kidney and the money would be used to pay off a debt of about Rp 420 million . This amount of money used for campaign expenses Election Candidates 2014 Dapil 4 Pekalongan .
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" I am of May 5, already in Jakarta . Village in District I ​​of Cepu , ride the train down in Jatinegara Station , " he said in an interview with City News , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , in the Great Mosque of Sunda Kelapa , Menteng , Central Jakarta , where he retreated .

He said he only brought eight set in brown colored suitcases . In addition , small black bag to store a battery charger for charging gadgets Samsung and BlackBerry Torch Mega black . He also carries batik -style blue Democrats and black slacks .

" Initially , I encouraged people to be Pekalongan Parliament legislative candidates Pekalongan . Due to my diligent socialize with people , and one youth event Youth Organization , people want me to run , " said the young man who had three years working as a personal assistant member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party .

Finally , Chandra directly apply to the local Election Commission . It turns out that the Democratic Party in the area only gets one seat and it was the rest of the sound .

" Baseball as expected , Mas , because the party is being digunjang - ganjing bad information . Expectancy there got two seats to the Democrats instead only got one seat . Was any residual noise , " he explained .

While both his parents , his father a retired machinist PT KAI and vegetable seller at the same time self-employed mother , also had to give him the funds of Rp 180 million . The money was used for campaign expenses .

Because losing to the same opponent party , Chandra has started losing my mind . Many people visited his residence to collect a debt .

Chandra was looking for a way to cover his debts . He also did a patchwork system , borrowed from here and there to cover the debt.

" I am currently dealing with loan sharks and debt with relatives and friends . Unpaid totaled USD 420 million . This week was already due, precisely on May 9, 2014 , " he explained .

Chandra admitted his parents knew that he was to Jakarta to find money to cover the debt or seek help . Chandra tells the story of her mother who wants to sell his kidney , but was rebuffed .

" At first mother to give up a kidney sale to cover its debt , but I balked . Finally I willing to sell a kidney to Jakarta , " he said .

He admitted that he would sell his kidney for USD 420 million , equivalent to the total debt . " I'm realistic , kidney price according to Chandra debt nominal value of Rp 420 million , " he said .

Chandra was told, when he arrived in Jakarta , he went directly to the Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque in Menteng . He intends to stay at the same time get closer to the Almighty that easy issue or problem .

He has been around from Depok to Tangerang City to look for a wealthy businessman who wants to buy a kidney . However , his efforts remained in vain because the employer has moved house .

" It's turning the - muter , Depok first to find buyers and offers his kidney to a businessman in Depok , but the businessman has moved house . From morning till evening , go back to the mosque . Afterwards, there nyari Tangerang to someone who used to look for donors kidney . however , the person was already there because of moving too , " he explained .

He admitted , each after dawn prayer, he toured in Jakarta to offer his kidney . However , he did not find a buyer .

" I also had thought would like to sell a kidney to a hospital . However , when my gadget to browse in kidney selling is not allowed , " he said .

He describes his parents are still calling to say hello . Sometimes parents say often terrorized or visited moneylender till 01.30 am .

The plan , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) This Chandra wants to meet with the State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan because , according to him , the figure Dahlan Iskan social good and high -spirited . He hoped to get feedback or solutions and assistance from Dahlan Iskan .

" I 'd love to meet him . He was a good man , and also have high social . Hopefully the problems I was completed thanks to your help , " he explained .


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