Monday, May 19, 2014

Compared Military, Prabowo Think of World Politics More Exhausting

Presidential candidate Prabowo politics claimed more severe than the military . Prabowo assume more exhausting activity in the political world .

Prabowo told , in recent weeks , he was busy building a coalition to confront presidential elections on July 9 . In the process , Prabowo admitted often do not sleep .

" My ex- soldiers admit this political exhausting . My experience in the army yet nothing compared politics in Indonesia , " said Prabowo in the event declaration in support of the six political parties Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon .
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In that event , attended by leaders of political party supporters , namely Gerindra , PAN , PKS , PPP , Golkar , and the United Nations . Golkar and the new United Nations today expressed support to the partner - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo .

Of the political process , Prabowo admitted that he got a lot of lessons . He claimed to be able to hang out and discuss with the leaders of the best parties . He assumes they have a good faith , high-minded , and statesman .

" The creation of this coalition despite the twists and turns but smoothly , " said the former commander of Kopassus .

Prabowo was a former high-ranking military with the rank of Lieutenant General . Recently , he served as Pangkostrad before being fired . Prabowo was examined Honorary Officers Council ( DKP ) relating to the kidnapping and confinement (1998 ) , and dismissed from the military service (1998 ) .


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