Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getting more Kinds of Diseases Cats

Before we memeliha cat , its no good we Knowing Closer Various Kinds of Diseases Cats cat kesdayangan so that we can be kept well and is spared from some of the common diseases that attack us her special pet cat , especially if the cat that we keep an expensive cat my dear if our cat is a dangerous disease .
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 Various Kinds of Diseases Cats

Disease that usually attacks the cat is a cat flu , cat flu which usually affect the cat can not get to know the age of the cat or young adult cats though , aside from the flu there are also other diseases such as the common memyerang cat rabies , worms .

Above diseases that can strike your pet cat because of several factors such as due to his existing viruses or bacteria that exist in the environment , and diseases such as cat flu that can be transmitted to other cats sneezing her through her ​​water or through ludahan her cat , or also caused by our hands when handling sick cats and then holding another cat .

And the signs of cat flu affected the same as its ordinary symptoms that we feel when we have a cold , such as sneezing , and no appetite , and the cat was once his initial symptoms . So do not be surprised if we do not want the cat to eat or not eat his usual gusto as his means that we keep the cat there was nothing her or being sick .

Well if the cat we had seen his initial symptoms as well as its direct course in veterinary medicine to take it handled more quickly in order to overcome his illness well and is not contagious to other cats her , and the more severe it again please until the cat flu attack we are maintaining his attack , because it could happen if on leave . Actually it can be hell before being taken to the vet we can love our cats and some vitamins and supplements .(see also: pakan burung pleci)

Various Kinds of Diseases Cats
Getting more Kinds of Diseases Cats before its maintaining its is a good thing gan , , , like said willing umbrella before it rains , so is the article that I made for this time may be useful.


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